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Dynamic Wushu

Training Series

Learn Wushu at your convenience from Master Perez through his DWTS video collection

over 80 DVDs to help you explore and learn directly from Master Perez.

Each dvd is presented in 2 parts - Full routine, and Slow Motion Break down. This is essential for anyone who want to learn more or further their game.


Each DVD is $29.95 + S&H

Use the video title and number when submitting order. Include your shipping address. then pay for DVD's via Paypal button on this page.

Contact: sifukp@dynamicwushu.com

Any questions feel free to email inquiry.



  1. 2 Handed Sword

  2. 3 Leaf Sword

  3. 3 Sectional Staff

  4. 5 Animals 8 Methods 23 Step

  5. 22 Step Basic Chuan

  6. 22 Step Long Fist

  7. 8-16 Step Tai Chi Chuan

  8. 24 Step Tai Chi Chuan

  9. 32 Step Broadsword

  10. 32 Step Spear

  11. 32 Step Straight Sword

  12. 32 Step Staff

  13. 32 Step Nanchuan

  14. 32 Step Tai Chi Sword

  15. 42 Step Tai Chi Chuan

  16. Beijing Basic Long Fist

  17. Beijing Bagua

  18. Big Sweeper

  19. Blunt Fork- Flying Fork

  20. Broadsword in Whip

  21. Broadsword vs Spear

  22. Cha Chuan 4

  23. Double Long Tassel Sword

  24. Double Straight Swords

  25. Da Baji Chuan

  26. Da Nanchuan

  27. Ditan Chuan 2

  28. Double Axes

  29. Double Broadswords

  30. Double Daggers

  31. Double Hammers

  32. Double Hook Swords

  33. Double Long Spears

  34. Double Short Spears

  35. Double Chain Whips

  36. Drunken Boxing

  37. Drunken Staff

  38. Drunken Sword

  39. Eagle Claw Yan Ying Chuan

  40. Fanzi Chuan

  41. Fierce Tiger

  42. Flying Crane

  43. Wu Song Handcuffs Boxing

  44. Lohan Eagle Claw

  45. Long Tassel Sword

  46. Miao Dao

  47. Monkey Boxing

  48. Monkey Staff

  49. Monks Spade

  50. Nan Dao Southern Sword

  51. Pigua Zhang

  52. Plum Flower Praying Mantis

  53. Pu Dao Horsecutter

  54. Qian KunDao Heaven Earth Sword

  55. Quan Dao

  56. Rope Dart- Meteor Hammer

  57. Shandong Mantis

  58. Soft Whip

  59. Southern Staff

  60. Southern Sword

  61. Spinning Dragon

  62. Stalking Leopard

  63. Steel Whip

  64. Tiger Crane

  65. Tiger Fork

  66. Tong Bei Chuan

  67. Tung Hua Pao Chuan Black Dragon

  68. Venomous Snake

  69. Wah Chuan

  70. Wooden Bench

  71. Wu Dang Tai Chi Sword

  72. Xing Yi 12 animals 5 Fists

  73. Youth Chang Chuan

  74. Youth Nanchuan

  75. UP Stretching

  76. UP Chang Chuan Basics

  77. UP Chang Chuan

  78. UP 3 Sectional Staff

  79. UP Short Staff

  80. UP Ditan Chuan

  81. Dragon Dance Basics

2 Handed Sword- 双手剑

"Shuang Shou Jian" is a traditional weapon with connections to the Tang Lang, Ba Gua, and Xing Yi Styles. There is also Ditan 2 Handed Sword. This is a composition routine which was derived from the teaching of Master Yu Chenghui for the Beijing Wushu team.

Venomous Snake-毒蛇

"Du She Chuan" A composition of Northern and Southern styles teaching quick, pinpoint striking  and spiraling body movements from the "Southern 5 Animals System"and "Bei Shaolin".

Rope Dart and Meteor Hammer- 绳镖, 流星锤

"Sheng Biao", "Liu Xing Chui"

Similar in practice these weapons are one of the most difficult to learn. Now this weapon has gained new popularity among the spinner and juggler group. Master Perez is  a top authority of this unique weapon and is one of the first to introduce this weapon in the United States his skills are unsurpassed. He trained with many of China's best on this weapon.


When ordering videos use the video title and number when submitting order. Any questions feel free to email inquiry.