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Master Kenny Perez is a certified Master. Here are  some of his works from motion pictures to competitions, to instructional videos and seminars, enjoy these videos.  His services  include: Self Defense skills, security work, tournament fighting and form skills, fight choreography, stuntwork, stage performances, Qi gung and Tai chi classes, private classes, seminars, specialty Workshops. and more.

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ken wu 8dan.jpeg
Master Perez receiving his 8th Duan Certification  from Master Wu Bin
Stretching Unique Publications Video

From the first Wushu training series made outside of China featuring Master Kenny Perez. This was 1 of 8 videos which helped introduce the world to Wushu training. produced in 1983 sold worldwide.

Sifu Perez performing QIgong Skills

Dina Perez  demo collage.

Dina and Kenny Interview

Master Perez Sparring


Kenny Perez in character in the movie

"Mismatched Couples"

Master Perez at Dragonfest 2018
Urban Wushu Training Series

This is from Master Perez's Youtube series "Urban Wushu Training"  with many episodes showing and teaching skills of wushu in urban settings. Sometimes serious sometimes light-hearted this is a continuing project.

Sifu Perez Stage and Motion Picture collage.

DMA Wushu All Stars Sparring Sets

Master Perez performing "Bian Lian"

Master Perez performing in  "Der Puma" from German T.V. -Stunts, acrobatic Fight choreography and Rope Dart skills

linage chart.jpg

Master Perezs' Wushu/Kungfu skills represents a long line of Masters of various styles.

Master Kenny Perez

Master Kenny Perez has been in Martial Arts for over forty eight years. In those years he has studied all aspects of many styles acquiring vast knowledge and amassing many awards and trophies. Mr. Perez is the only american  awarded  an 8th Duan Masters degree under Master/coach Wu Bin from Beijing, China (in all aspects of Wushu). A "closed door" student of Grandmaster Douglas Wong (5 Animals Kung Fu- Shaolin White Lotus Kung Fu) and a formal student of Sifu Augustine Fong (Wing Chun Gung Fu). He has taught for over thirty-seven years producing fine students and teachers across the U.S. He introduced Wushu to Phoenix and  Glendale Community Colleges.  Mr. Perez holds Black Belts in Kenpo, Shuri-Ryu, White Lotus Kungfu, Shaolin Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do and Wushu. Mr. Perez has also studied Judo, Hung Gar, Tai Chi Chuan, Weaponry, Acrobatics & Tumbling, Boxing, Kick boxing, Sanda, Stunt Work and spent 12 years in the security field- combining it all into his system of "Dynamic" Wu Shu. Mr. Perez is a master of many weapons including exotic weapons such as the Flying Fork, Meteor Hammer, Heaven-Earth Sword, Drunken-Sword & Staff, 2 Handed Sword, etc.. He has trained and worked with Martial Arts superstars - Jet Li, Donnie Yen and Stephen Chow, action director Billy Tang and director Yuen Wo Ping (famous for directing-"Matrix", "Kill Bill", etc.)

Master Perez is a versatile entertainer and is skilled in Iron Body Qi Gung, Skills, Chinese Opera Skills, Chinese Drumming, Lion and Dragon dancing and one of China's closely guarded secrets "Bian Lian"- "Face Changing"
Accomplishments include:

-Inductee "USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame"

-Inductee I.C.M.A.C. "Hall of Fame"

-5 time U.S. Wushu Team member

-State, National and International Wushu/Kungfu Champion

-Author of the book "Wushu Skills".

-Founder of North American Wushu Association-NAWA

-Contributing writer to many magazine and book collaborations worldwide. 

-Certified IWuF judge

-State Commissioner of Arizona Senior Olympics- Tai Chi

-Resident Tai Chi Master on  "Your Life A-Z" Channel 3 Phoenix AZ

-Actor/choreographer/stuntman in 6 motion pictures, television, Cable and stage.

-1st non-asian to be admitted to Mainland China in 1981 (after the revolutionary years) for training in Wu Shu.

Mr. Perez has performed and choreographed works in many parts of the US as well as Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Bahamas, Haiti and Ukraine. He has worked in support of Wushu's inclusion into the Olympics and has made great strides in the unification of the Chinese Martial Arts.  Master Perez is also an actor/stuntman registered in Imdb and hkmdb here are links:

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