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Tai Chi-Qi Gung

  Vortex Tai Chi - Sedona AZ.
Tai Chi Sampler
Water Tai Chi Qi Gung

A unique approach to Tai Chi/Qigong. This Special Class developed by Master Perez has gotten rave reviews. Great for those who need extra help in balance. and great for those summer months. contact Sifu Perez for morre info...


Benefits of Tai Chi:

  Improves balance and posture

  Improves Bone density

  Increases white blood cells

  Improves concentration and focus

  Relieves stress and anxiety

  Promotes relaxation

  Normalize blood pressure

  Helps with Rheumatoid arthritis


  Increase lung strength

  Increase oxygen in the blood for better circulation

  Increases energy

  Strengthens the joints- tendons

  Great for ADHD

  Engage Lymphatic system

​You want to take a Tai Chi class but you cant get past the names- so much confusion, But if you can get past the name, the workout is a scientifically based health improving exercise that can strengthen the body mind and spirit. So what does it all mean?

​“Chi” means “breath” but it also refers to “intrinsic energy”. “Chi gung” means “breath exercise”, it  is based on the combination of traditional chinese medicine and science. “Tai Chi Chuan” means the “extreme ultimate” and is a form of Chi Gung. It is a exercise based on a series of prearranged movements strung together which can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 25 minutes to complete.


Tai chi has 3 major components -- movement, meditation, and deep breathing.


• Movement -- All of the major muscle groups and joints are needed for the slow, gentle movements in tai chi. Tai chi improves balance, agility, strength, flexibility, stamina, muscle tone, and coordination. This low impact, weight bearing exercise strengthens bones and can slow bone loss, thus preventing the development of osteoporosis.

• Meditation -- Research shows that meditation soothes the mind, enhances concentration, reduces anxiety, and lowers blood pressure and heart rate.

• Deep breathing -- Exhaling stale air and toxins from the lungs while inhaling fresh air increases lung capacity, stretches the muscles involved in breathing, and releases tension. It also enhances blood circulation to the brain, which boosts mental alertness. At the same time, the practice supplies the entire body with fresh oxygen and nutrients.

​Through scientific research we have found that Tai Chi is good treatment for fibromyalgia, attention deficit disorder, high blood pressure. Sleep disorders, Low bone density, Heart disease, breast cancer, Parkinson disease and stroke. it is beneficial for chronic pain, gout, osteoporosis, diabetes, headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, anxiety, viral infections, depression, or any stress related conditions. Tai chi is also beneficial for the immune system and the central nervous system, The deep breathing of tai chi regulates the respiratory system, helping to treat respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema. It also stimulates the abdomen, which aids digestion and helps relieve constipation and gastrointestinal conditions. People who practice tai chi on a regular basis tend to have better posture, flexibility, and range of motion, are more mentally alert, and sleep more soundly at night. have better hand eye coordination, and are much less prone to falls, both serious health risks to people in the older range.. Tai chi improves overall fitness, coordination, and agility stimulates the brain to release beta endorphins, decreasing pain and elevating mood, increases serotonin and elevates white blood count.

​Tai chi is often described as "meditation in motion," or "mindful movement"

​People with limited mobility -- even those in wheelchairs -- can learn and successfully use tai chi. In one study of 256 sedentary adults 70 - 92 years of age, tai chi decreased the number of falls and the fear of falling compared to stretching. Those who practiced tai chi also had improved functional balance and physical performance after 6 months.

Need a change of pace? Is that gym workout leaving you exhausted? Need an energy boost? Well time for you to try Tai Chi and Chi Gung

Tai chi is safe for everyone, regardless of age or athletic ability, and can be modified for most health problems. So if you can get past the name just remember that these classes are meant to rejuvenate your energy, build up you immune system, strengthen your legs to help your balance, sharpen your concentration, improve your blood circulation and  relieve stress.

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