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KP Dragon Piercer

          Rope Dart




The KP "Dragon Piercer" Rope Dart is a heavy steel, nickel-plated Dart with a special hand-crafted "dragon head" collar fitted at its base. The total weight is 250 grams (8.8oz).

This high caliber work of art is a great addition  to your personal arsenal. Great Christmas idea, this Rope Dart wouls make a special award or gift for those connoisseur Ninjas and Rope Dart players.

>>>Only a limited supply<<<

ROPE DART MASTERY KIT-"Dragon piercer" and "Mastering Rope Dart" DVD also available.


Mastering Rope Dart Kit

Here is all you need to master the Rope Dart and Meteor Hammer. This ultimate package includes:

> " Mastering Rope Dart/Meteor Hammer" DVD by  Master Kenny- Perez  40 year veteran of the Rope Dart. 

This ultimate reference training video

teaches  Basics, Combinations, History, Self Defense, Tricks and Tips and a full routine. 

> "KP Dragon Piercer Rope Dart" this DMA.COM exclusive weapon is a unique  Rope Dart  beautifully accented with a "Dragon head" collar on the base

>>>limited supply<<<

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